Six Month Mark

So it's been six months since we arrived. It didn't take us long to settle into the new way of life here. You know, that easy, slower, friendlier way of living that you dream of when you think of Ireland. We have loved the travel and seeing all the new and beautiful sites, but at some [...]


We Made it!

Hi all, We made it! We have been in Ireland for just over a month now and things have gone really smooth for the most part. Mostly in part to having a place to stay (thanks to my Mother-in-law) and family here to take good care of us. If you don’t have that where you [...]

Preparing the house to sell

We are now down to a little over four months before we leave so the last two weekends have been focused on getting the house ready to sell. Last weekend it was the electrical work (we live in a 1950's house) and this weekend it was a new dishwasher and painting the bedrooms. I have [...]

One step closer

Part of the plan to move to Ireland was to make sure our youngest daughter wouldn’t miss any school in the process. We want to travel around Europe once we get settled in Ireland but also go home in May to see my family before we make the big move. Being homeschooled allows her to [...]